Pathology services


Diagnostic Biopsy Interpretation

MDPATH employs a truly end-to-end digital solution to simplify each patient’s cancer journey.  Simplifying the process improves the quality and accuracy of each diagnosis.



MDPATH’s pathologists have managed labs for some of the most well-recognized hospital systems and commercial laboratories in the world. We are pioneers of the Virtual Laboratory concept, which enables clinics and small hospitals to bring digital anatomic pathology services in-house. We are the national leaders in helping our clients set up and safely run virtual pathology labs, while meeting all CLIA regulatory requirements.


Our pathologists are experts in setting up, validating, and interpreting in-house molecular diagnostics. We are experienced in managing molecular testing for infectious disease, as well as antimicrobial sensitivity/resistance assays. We are also experienced in tumor genomic profiling, tumor characterization by FISH/ISH, and Immunohistochemistry.



We have decades of experience working with international lab technology companies to validate and commercialize instruments, devices and most recently machine-learning algorithms. It is our goal to find the best technologies and ai-algorithms, and to apply them in our clinical practice, to benefit the patients and clinics we serve.


MDpath, as an owner of the PathNet Lab, takes its stewardship over your patients’ tissue and data very seriously. Utilizing PathNet’s standardized consent and tissue banking protocols, clinical practices can further harness additional value from their archived tissue and data, in their own quality improvement projects, or by taking part in larger clinical trials.



We’ve validated our entire digital workflow from point of care, through the laboratory on an FDA-approved whole slide scanner, and to the pathologist sign out. For CAP guidelines about validation concerning digital pathology.

Quality Control

We hold each of our pathologists accountable, monitoring their quality and helping them maintain and verify “digital competence”, a necessity as the fields of digital pathology and integrated AI diagnostics rapidly change and progress.

AI Assist

AI assist consists of tissue and tumor recognition algorithms within the LUMEA BxLink software. These can be toggled on and off during digital sign-out. AI does not replace the pathologist’s role but serves as a virtual assistant or second opinion.

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