Clinic Tools

Quality care starts and ends in the clinic

We supply our clinics with innovative tissue collection devices to facilitate standardized tissue handling to simplify the clinic workflow, improve overall tissue quality, and provide an additional layer of protection for the patient.

The LUMEA BxBoard



LUMEA’s BxBoard™ cuts containers from 12+ formalin jars to just 2 or 3 boards.  These boards can either be prelabeled or customizable depending on the preference of the physician.

Retain Tissue Orientation

Rather than floating in formalin, the tissue cores lay flat along a formalin soaked sponge.  Maintaining this orientation allows for more accurate mapping of tumor location to later assist with focal therapies.

RFID Tracking

Each BxBoard™ has an RFID tag that can be scanned at the clinic and associated with a patient to protect against mislabeling errors.  This tracking continues through the laboratory stage and allows clinicians to follow the progress of their patients’ tissue up until they receive the final pathology report.

"Having 2 collection boards vs. 12, 14, and even 16 jars...I wonder why people are still using jars when [LUMEA] has created such a great invention. The BxBoards are the best!"

Mai Her, Training & Development Coordinator at Comprehensive Urology

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